"At Hayre Clothing we pride ourselves on the family style character we have created, allowing us to create designs we all love to wear, and allowing you to enjoy premium quality clothing for the not so premium prices"


- Mr. Hayre, CEO


Our brand is more than just your median buyer and seller. We are an independent street-wear premium quality brand. We pride ourselves on the family-style character of which we have created. 


This is the main ethos of the Hayre brand; to produce unique, limited-quantity items, as a premium brand, without the prices. Through our passion for clothing and design, our aim is to be the bellwethers. We offer exclusive designs based on the trendsetting style of contemporary, modern, simple, everyday clothing, all of which should be embraced. This is achieved by identifying the current trends and adapting them to produce an element of individuality. 


Most importantly, we make a conscious effort to ensure that every design we produce is designed for each and every one of us to enjoy wearing. This is what makes us fundamentally different from other clothing brands. We set the benchmark high. Elite enough to be ahead... a leap ahead.


"Leaps ahead of the game"