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There are 50 trailer-loads of discarded clothing that gets dumped in the UK landfills every day! It's time to STOP. Don't bin it instead turn your unwanted clothes into beautiful discounts. What if we told you that there was a way by using the reGAIN App and letting us have your old clothes, shoes and accessories that you wanted to discard in the first place and in return you can get a discount to save money on your next purchase? 👀👀👀
Do good in 3 simple and easy steps and help us divert the unwanted clothing from the landfills. Turn your unwanted clothes into discount codes:
1. Download and register on the reGAIN app
2. Put all your unwanted items in a bag or box!
Take advantage of the free shipping labels in which you can use to drop your parcel at the drop point.
3. Unlock your discount codes!
Download the reGAIN app now and join in on the recycling revolution!